Sire and Dame

Sire and Dame
Hank and Ellie

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Ellie has decided her new hobby is to flip shovels up into the air and try to catch them behind her back. She will go into the garage and bring it out to work the shovel.S he is very agile at doing it and entertaining to watch. I haven't yet caught her on video catching it behind her back but once I do, I will post it. She also enjoys flipping hoe's and licking both the shovel and hoe. Attached is a couple of videos of her flipping it into the air.

Here is Hank showing his "down" and "come to" commands with Coby. Hank is a very hard working dog and enjoys farm life and learning from Coby. A couple of Hank and Ellie's puppies from the first litter are currently working sheep and doing a good job. Their current owners are very happy with them.

Ellie and Hanks puppies. July 6th 2010 litter. 2 Females and 4 Males.

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